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Song Of The Day: 8.8.14

Joseph LeMey – “Possumhaw”   From somewhere in West Tennessee…

Song Of The Day: 8.7.14

Deers – “Bamboo”   Deers is 2 girls from Madrid, Spain who make rickety, ramshackle indie pop music using borrowed guitars from ex-boyfriends and record their songs in what looks like a broken down… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 7.29.1

North Atlantic Drift – “Polaris” Expand your mind. The Canadian duo North Atlantic Drift are an ambient band at heart. They do however operate with some post-rock/electronic flare making their music more accessible… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 7.25.14

Chrome Pony – “Island Fever”   Going back to something that I meant to post last Friday after seeing these guys perform at The Basement. Chrome Pony is a Nashville based punky garage… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 7.24.14

Keelan Donovan – “Wrong Destination” Via Portland, ME to Nashville, TN – Keelen Donovan embodies the spirit of many young musicians flocking to Music City – he’s a man in search of himself, of love, and… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 7.21.14

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra  – “What We Loved Was Not Enough”     For a group that undergo’s yearly changes to their band’s line up and for a group that seems… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.31.14

Indi. – “Stay”   Alright, I think it’s about time we start taking note of Joel Little’s work. In case you’re unfamiliar with the name, he’s the same mastermind who helped create a… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.30.14

Jess Williamson – “Native State” Austin, Texas is nothing short of good song writers; and what’s one more?  Blending old-timey-folk with artsy song craft, Jess Williamson is paving her own path in musical… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.28.14

ACTRESS – “Corner” As mixed reviews are pouring in for Actress’ 4th LP, a couple of things stay consistent in critics’ analysis of his latest work Ghettoville, and that’s that Darren J. Cunningham’s… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.22.14

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – “Retreat!”   Yeah, she made have been diagnosed with cancer. And yeah, she may have under went chemotherapy causing her to lose all her hair, slow… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.15.14

Kevin Drew – “Good Sex”   Kevin Drew, front man of Broken Social Scene, has immediately reminded the music world why we love the music that pours out of him so much. His… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.14.14

Blank Realm – Bulldozer Love Blank Realm, an Australian quartet who have always been comfortable playing dense psych rock, find themselves catering to a more user-friendly sound on their most recent record Grassed… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.13.14

Chiffon – “Bubble Gum Crash”     As I mentioned in my year end list, 90’s R&B revival had a sexy comeback in 2013.  Unlike most revivals in recent memory, people aren’t tiring of this… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.8.14

Francis Lung – “Selfish Man”   Ex WU LYF bassist Tom McClung, who’s remained busy with side projects since parting ways with his “heavy pop” band mates in 2012, is in the process of… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.7.14

Lyla Foy – “Feather Tongue” Lyla Foy is really gearing up for a new identity in 2014.  It’s not just that she changed her name from Wall to the more search engine friendly… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 1.6.14

Chromeo – “Come Alive” If the lovable space funk of “Sexy Socialite” and “Over Your Shoulder” didn’t get you excited for  Chromeo’s album, than “Come Alive (feat Toro y Moi)” surly will.  … Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 12.13.13

The Child Of Lov – “Give Me” Sometimes it’s not until someone is gone from our planet, that our eyes and ears are able to open and we can truly appreciate what that… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 12.4.13

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Collapse”   Is mysterious folky R&B getting old yet? Not over in this post.  Where as other architects of this sound relay on over production to achieve the sensation… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 12.2.13

William Onyeabor – “Good Name” Who is William Onyeabor? That seems to be the question David Byrne’s Luaka Bob Records has been asking for a couple of years now.  They mysterious Nigerian musician,… Continue reading

Song(s) Of The Day: 11.27.13

Running In The Fog – “Sail” & “Desire” At this point it’s evident, 90’s R&B revival is upon us.  There’s already a multitude of artists (Weeknd, Aurte Ne Vuet, Polica, Rhye, MS MR,… Continue reading

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