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Coachella 2014 Breakdown: FRIDAY (Pt. 2)

Check out part 2 of Friday’s break down below: Michael Brun From: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Genre: Sun-Drenched-Progressive-House  For Fans Of: Kaskade, Avicii, Fedde Le Grand, D*Note Noteworthy Album:  Gravity E.P MS MR From: New York, New York Genre: Haunted-Pop-Infiltrating-Dream-Wave… Continue reading

Coachella 2014 Breakdown: FRIDAY (Pt. 1)

Coachella, a festival known for booking cutting edge live acts, wasn’t always as popular as it is now.  In fact, it went into such a financial drought after its inaugural year that the… Continue reading

Coachella – Saturday Run Down Pt II

Here’s the bottom half of the Saturday line up – one of the better bottom halves of any Coachella line up ever presented.  Man, there’s just too much good music Saturday – good… Continue reading

Coachella – Saturday Rundown Pt 1

Saturday is always Coachella’s best day.  From top to bottom, Saturday is always STACKED, which always makes it hard to decide what stage to attend through out the day.  Last year I remember… Continue reading

Coachella – Friday Rundown Pt II

Here’s the bottom half of Friday…this is where it gets more fun. Other Lives James From: Manchester, England Genre: Indie / Early 90’s College Rock Noteworthy Album:  Laid (1993) About: James formed in the… Continue reading

Coachella – Friday Rundown Pt. 1

Yay! Yippie! Yahoo…It’s Coachella season.  I know, I know – we all have our complaints…Blah blah blah, two weekends, not enough of this, not enough of that, Black Keys, two years in a… Continue reading

Week 1 – Music News In Review

Wow…what a year 2011 was huh?  Looking back on it, it was actually pretty exciting.  Let’s briefly recap…we had endless amounts of memorable Late Night performances (the most shocking was Odd Futures TV debut on… Continue reading

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