Monthly Archive: July, 2014

Song Of The Day: 7.29.1

North Atlantic Drift – “Polaris” Expand your mind. The Canadian duo North Atlantic Drift are an ambient band at heart. They do however operate with some post-rock/electronic flare making their music more accessible… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 7.25.14

Chrome Pony – “Island Fever”   Going back to something that I meant to post last Friday after seeing these guys perform at The Basement. Chrome Pony is a Nashville based punky garage… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 7.24.14

Keelan Donovan – “Wrong Destination” Via Portland, ME to Nashville, TN – Keelen Donovan embodies the spirit of many young musicians flocking to Music City – he’s a man in search of himself, of love, and… Continue reading

Song Of The Day: 7.21.14

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra  – “What We Loved Was Not Enough”     For a group that undergo’s yearly changes to their band’s line up and for a group that seems… Continue reading

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