Song Of The Day: 1.28.14

ACTRESS – “Corner”


As mixed reviews are pouring in for Actress’ 4th LP, a couple of things stay consistent in critics’ analysis of his latest work Ghettoville, and that’s that Darren J. Cunningham’s music is edgy, obscure and at times frustrating. Whether this is something you look for in music, is subjective, but the deep and powerful emotional underbelly of the music remains consistent. Actress has officially been releasing music out since 2008, the year when his acclaimed debut LP Hazzyville came out.  Now, 6 years later Actress has not only written the conclusion to his debut entitled Ghettoville, but he’s also calling an end to the Actress name entirely. If you’re new to Actress, Ghettoville is a great place to start.  What makes his music so enticing is that his albums feel like a day at an electronic version of the Epcot Center.  Each song is an offbeat presentation of unique electronic stylings. One moment you’re listening to a blend of minimal techno, the next your ears are playing with gorgeous neo-classical samples; suddenly you’re slowed down by his ambient drone approach and then quickly brought back up to speed with his experimental southern hip-hop compositions.  Few people today are making music as fun and as interactive as Actress and Ghettoville is filled with sounds showcasing Cunningham’s unique approach.

While one song can not do Actress justice and highlight what he’s truly capable of in a full length album,  be sure to check out the song “Corner” below, taken from his latest LP Ghettoville.