Song Of The Day: 1.7.14

Lyla Foy – “Feather Tongue”


Lyla Foy is really gearing up for a new identity in 2014.  It’s not just that she changed her name from Wall to the more search engine friendly name Lyla Foy, she is also expanding on her intimate sound.  Her latest song, “Feather Tongue”, finds the singer crooning over pulsing bass lines and bouncing her delicate vocals off  lively keyboards sounds.  If Beach House is the music we listen to when the sun has already gone down, Lyla Foy is the music we’ll listen to when the sun is in the midst of setting and our day begins to wind down. Grab a glass of nice vino and listen to “Feather Tongue” below, taken from her debut album Mirrors To The Sky, which will come out this March on Sub Pop records.