Song Of The Day: 12.13.13

The Child Of Lov – “Give Me”


Sometimes it’s not until someone is gone from our planet, that our eyes and ears are able to open and we can truly appreciate what that person has left behind.  Today, Dutch R&B musician and producer Cole Williams, aka The Child Of Lov, passed away during complications involved in a surgery. Cole Williams put out one record in 2013, The Child Of Lov, on Double Six records, which he recorded in Damon Albarn’s home recording studio.  Williams, a musician who was obsessed with D’Angelo, found special ways to channel his hero’s unique neo-soul sound inside his own recordings.  Part psychedelic grime, part soulful novelty, part classic Funkadelic, The Child Of Luv was just beginning to find his own unique voice in our modern music world. Today, let us listen to his music and appreciate the unique sounds he was able to offer.  Check out “Give Me” below.