Song Of The Day: 12.4.13

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Collapse”



Is mysterious folky R&B getting old yet? Not over in this post.  Where as other architects of this sound relay on over production to achieve the sensation heard in folky indie r&b music, Vancouver Sleep Clinic – the newest member to the genre blending camp – allows ambiance to work in his favor. As you travel with his latest song “Collapse” you’ll feel tugged by the slight pluck of an acoustic guitar and you feel warmed by the gentle and soulful production backing his reverb drenched vocals.  But in the end, when all the ingredients are mixed together, none too strong and none too subtle, the music feels nothing less than perfect.   Take a reflective journey with Australia’s most promising new talent with his latest single “Collapse” below.  Look out for a proper release early next year.