Song Of The Day: 11.25.13

Nils Frahm – “Says”


The unmatched simplistic beauty that pours out of a Nils Frahm song is no longer surprising to me, rather it’s expected.  And even through his fans recognize what endless possibilities lie inside the single stroke of a piano key, they still find themselves amazed by his music, time and time again.  If you’ve ever seen Frahm play live, you know he’s capable of being somewhat of a magician, amazing his audience by bending people’s interpretation of neoclassical music.  Even though Frahm is working within the boundaries of “classical” music, it is because you don’t need a music degree from The Berklee School to appreciate his compositions, that he’s been able to gain music fan from around the world.  Nils Frahm’s latest work Spaces truly showcases his unique versatility by using a collection of songs taken from live performances.  At any moment you can  jump from listening to a hushed piano solo to listening to distorted synth heavy chords. “Says,” is a perfect illustration of how Frahm can captivate his listener through very simple arrangements. And even though the song clocks in at nearly 9 minutes, it never feels redundant or too long – in fact, you wish it would just go on forever.