Song Of The Day: 11.20.13

ZulÁ – “NRGZ”



While I may be ready for the year to wrap up with new releases and new bands, that doesn’t mean everyone else is.  ZulÁ, a pseudo-experimental Brooklyn 4 piece, is putting the cherry on top of an already amazing 2013 season.  It’s hard to tie down these guys under one definitive term; while ZulÁ may fall in line with slew of post-Radiohead bands to come out in the last couple of years, it’s their ability to experiment with psychedelic electronics and hypnotic pop hooks put them in a league of their own.  There’s a lot of musical confrontation through out this album, anxious rhythms battle with lofty and psychedelic  guitar riffs, but it’s songs like “NRGZ” that are this wonderful break in the clouds that allow you appreciate their broad stylistic expanse.  Check out the song below and listen to the full album here.