Song Of The Day: 11.14.13

Young Fathers – “Low”


With only two quick mix tapes to their name (Tape One & Tape Two) the Scottish trio, who go by Young Fathers, have already made a name for themselves for brilliantly melting together primal African grooves, well-crafted hip hop, and beat-reggae.  It’s hard to define their music as strictly one genre or the next; it’s really more of a melting pot of sounds that maneuver in and out of an urban landscape.  While the group has produced mainly a collection lo-fi recordings, they now seem interested in working themselves out of that “underground sound” and diving into more user-friendly music.  Don’t be scared that these guys are going to “sell out” – the group seems pretty adamant in showcasing the mysterious ancestral music that is in their blood and their roots. Check out “Low,” one of the latest tracks to be released from their forthcoming debut album Dead, which is due out in February.