Outside Lands || Saturday

There’s one thing nearly every San Franciscan is intrinsically good at, and that’s knowing how to have a good laugh while enjoying their own city parks.  Even on a half assed San Francisco summer day, Golden Gate Park, Dolores Park and Stern Grove are littered with everything to food truck expo’s to costumed marathons – everything from compelling symphonies to inebriated kickball. This weekend, 60,000 Northern Californian residents will gather in one of the grandest city parks of all city parks so they can collectively  sip dry summer rieslings and eat fried planteen burritos  while listening to Neil Young, Jack White and Kirk Hammett strum a couple of guitars.   Outside Lands isn’t your “typical” music festival where String Cheese touring wooks are trying to give you a good deal on a heady piece of water mellon tourmaline in the parking lot or the kind of festival where tie die musical butterflies can always be found hulla hooping behind the sound board – Outside Lands is a little more “grown up”…really it’s capitalizing on what these locals know how to best, that’s simply having a really fucking awesome day in a San Francisco park.  Bring a smile, a good appetite for things not just fried but also musical, a lot of money, your youthful spirit, some dancing shoes and probably a winter coat and you’ll be well on your way to having a wonderful weekend.  Below is a quick rundown of who’s playing,

SATURDAY – 8.11.122


From: El Cerrito, California
Genre: Metal
Album You’ll Hear: Greatest Hits…hopefully nothing from LuLu.
Tid-bit: Metallica will surely draw the largest crowd of the festival due to Outside Land attendee’s either being life long fans of these local “heros” or people are simply interested to see if they enjoy Metallica’s music as much now as they did when they were gearing up for a football games in High School.  One thing is for sure, it’s going to be loud, there’s probably going to be a mosh pit or two (if that’s your thing) and there’s most likely going to be lots of shit blown up on stage.

Sigur Ros

From: Somewhere in Iceland
Genre: Ambient Pop / Experimental Indie
Album You’ll Hear: Valtari (2012)
Tid-bit: If pyrotechnics, mosh pits and fast tempo heavy metal guitar solo’s aren’t your thang… head over to check out one of Iceland’s most prolific bands, Sigur Ros, where warm lighting, angelic voices and uplifting ambient instrumentals will leave you wishing you brought a box of Kleenex into the festival grounds in stead of all those stupid glow sticks.   Personally, hearing “Hoppipolla” live will be a defining moment of this weekends festival.

Norah Jones

From: Brooklyn, New York
Genre: Pop & Jazz / Singer Songwriter
Album You’ll Hear: Little Broken Hearts (2012 )
Did You Know?: Norah Jones is the daughter of legendary Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar.

The Kills

From: London / Florida
Genre: Rock & Fucking Roll
Album You’ll Hear: Blood Pressures (2011)
How It Started: While both on tour in Europe with their previous bands, the Florida born singer Alison Mosshart over heard the London born guitarist Jamie Hince playing  from the other room.  Soon after, they began bouncing music off each other for the remained of the tour. When the tour ended they were forced to exchange idea’s by sending tapes back a forth to each other from London & Florida.  Eventually Mosshart manned up and moved to London, where her and Hince would form The Kills.

Passion Pit

From: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Genre: Electro-Pop / Indie
Album You’ll Hear: Gossomer (2012)
Fingers Crossed: After already canceling numerous shows already this summer due to Michael Angelakos having some serious mental issues, we can only hope he’s healthy enough to bring his cry-while-dance catalog to Outside Lands.   They did play Lolla last weekend, so things are looking good.


From: Modesto, California
Genre: Indie Space Rock
Album You’ll Hear: hopefully “Sophtware Slump” in its entirety.
If Your Like ______:  If you like the Flaming Lips best from “Transmissions From The Satellite Heart” through “Yoshimi”,  than you’ll like Grandaddy.

Big Boi

From: Atlanta, Georgia
Genre: Southern Hip-Hop
Album You’ll Hear: “Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors” ??? (2012)
Did You Know?:  When Big Boi isn’t making southern fried Hip Hop classics, he’s at his other job, following his passion of being a certified Pit Bull breeder.

Explosions In The Sky

From: Austin, TX
Genre: Post Rock / Instrumental
Album You’ll Hear: “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care” (2011)
Tid-Bit: These 3 guitars & 1 drum kit (and sometimes a bass)  create intense and powerful mini rock symphonies in the span of around 8 minutes each.  The band is purely instrumental.  It is always a sincere pleasure to hear these guys play live.  Highly recommended!

Portugal. The Man

From: Wasilla, Alaska
Genre: Psych-Rock
Album You’ll Hear: “In The Mountain In The Cloud” (2011)
Tid-Bit: No one’s really quite sure what they are – and I don’t think they do either.  Their music floats in a world of it’s own – each album pushes musical boundaries, all the while creating new territories  in the process.  Check em out if you’re into musical roller coaster rides.

Alabama Shakes

From: Athens, Alabama
Genre: Rock & Roll / Blues
Album You’ll Hear: Boys & Girls (2012)
Stamp Of Approval: The Shakes were hand picked by Jack White to be his support during his 2012 tour.

Dr. Dog

From: Philly
Genre: Rock & Roll / Psych Beach Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Be The Void (2012)
Tid-Bit: Even though Dr. Dog’s recordings  has evolved from lo-fi indie take on the 1960’s to what now sounds more like professional & polished folk rock band – their distinctive raucous Dr. Dog sound remins the same through out.  Dr. Dog shows = good times.


From: Oakland / Los Angeles
Genre: Electronica / Glitch House
Album You’ll Hear: Sanctuary (2011)
If You Like ______: “If you like all the DJ’s that open up for Bassnectar than you’ll like MiMOSA.

Tame Impala

From: Perth, Australia
Genre: Psych Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Lonerism (2012) ???
Tid-Bit: These Aussies toured relentlessly off their debut album “Innerspeaker”, really giving nearly every market a good taste of their heavy psyched jams.  Now, with their new album “Lonerism” on the way in October, there’s a lot of anticipation as to if Tame Impala are going to try and take their sound up another level…hopefully we’ll get a taste of what’s to come on Saturday afternoon.

The Be Good Tanyas

From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genre: Folk
Album You’ll Hear: Collection (2012)
Fun Fact: Even though they’ve been on hiatus since 2007, The Be Good Tanyas still do the best cover of “When Doves Cry”, ever.


From: San Francisco, California
Genre: Electronic Dream Pop
Album You’ll Hear: Myth (2012)
Tid-Bit: With a strong following locally, Geographer is surly going to bring a large army of fans to their mid day set and good fans always make live shows that much better. If you’re looking to get introduced to Geographer this is the place to do it.

Thee Oh Sees

From: San Francisco, California
Genre: Garage Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Putrifiers II (2012)
Fun Fact: The band’s song “Tidal Wave” is featured in the pool scene of the episode “Salud” (Season 4, Episode 10) of the television series “Breaking Bad”. Do you like them more now?

Zola Jesus

From: Phoenix, Arizona
Genre: Witch House / Gothic Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Conatus
Stamp Of Approval: Mystical mortal David Lynch speaks very highly of Zola Jesus…he even remixed her song “In Your Nature“, and he is also rumored to have sent her a Valentines Day card.

Michael Kiwanuka

From: London, England
Genre: Soul / Folk
Album You’ll Hear: Home Again (2012)
If You Like ______: If every time you hear a Bill Withers song you’re like “damn, they just don’t make em like they use to” , than you’ll like Michael Kiwanuka.

Sean Hayes

From: New York, New York
Genre: Folk / Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Lil Bit Of Everything…
Tid-Bit: Sean Hayes is one of those artist that gets inside of you more and more with every listen, but once Sean Hayes grabs you with heart on the sleeve lyrics, layered over off beat folk rock, it can feel like their’s no letting go.

Father John Misty

From: Baltimore, MD
Genre: Folk / Singer Song Writer
Album You’ll Hear: Fear Fun (2012)
Stamp Of Approval: When Josh Tillman (aka Father John Misty) isn’t getting invited to tour and record with bands like The Fleet Foxes, Saxson Shore, Jesse Skyes and Damien Jurando (!!!), he’s off writing his own blend of Americana folk that has been compared to Nick Drake, Gram Parsons and God him self, Townes Van Zandt.  Ohhh, and ladies…he’s really good lookin…

Yellow Ostrich

From: New York, New York
Genre: Indie Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Strange Land (2012)
Quote: “It’s not often that we book an in-studio session based on one or two unreleased demos from a brand-new band we’ve never played before. But there was something about the sound of Yellow Ostrich that felt new and fresh and totally original. I had the same feeling when I first heard Vampire Weekend or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s first demo; there’s a similar flair for fun, smart, structured pop with energy and passion. It’s something you don’t hear very often.” – NPR

Animal Kingdom

From: North London, England
Genre: Indie Rock / Post Brit Pop
Album You’ll Hear: The Looking Away (2012)
If You Like: If you like celestial indie rock music that swirls inside spiritually gloomy and emotionally destroyed guitar melodies, than you’ll like Animal Kingdom

Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons

From: Appleton, Wisconsin
Genre: Folk Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Old Believers (2012)
Tod-Bit: Originally Cory grew up in a sheltered household where popular music restricted…but after his uncle gave him a Howlin’ Wolf tape, Cory decided to trade his hockey stick for a guitar and the rest is history. Now after years and year of relentless touring , Cory Chisel is finally getting a break.  Currently the American Folk Rock band is on tour with Norah Jones showcasing their timeless americana sound and now with the added voice of Adriel Harris playing a prominent role in the band, The Wandering Sons are looking to keep moving on up and hopefully finding their way into more and more households.

Honey Island Swamp Band

From: NOLA
Genre: Funky Country Folk
Album You’ll Hear: Good To You (2010)
How It Started: The band came together after Aaron Wilkinson and Chris Mule’ got stuck in San Francisco after  Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, and had a chance encounter with fellow New Orleans evacuees Sam Price  and Garland Paul  at John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom Room on Fillmore Street.  Welcome back!