Outside Lands || Friday

There’s one thing nearly every San Franciscan is intrinsically good at, and that’s knowing how to have a good laugh while enjoying their own city parks.  Even on a half assed San Francisco summer day, Golden Gate Park, Dolores Park and Stern Grove are littered with everything to food truck expo’s to costumed marathons – everything from compelling symphonies to inebriated kickball. This weekend, 60,000 Northern Californian residents will gather in one of the grandest city parks of all city parks so they can collectively  sip dry summer rieslings and eat fried planteen burritos  while listening to Neil Young, Jack White and Kirk Hammett strum a couple of guitars.   Outside Lands isn’t your “typical” music festival where String Cheese touring wooks are trying to give you a good deal on a heady piece of water mellon tourmaline in the parking lot or the kind of festival where tie die musical butterflies can always be found hulla hooping behind the sound board – Outside Lands is a little more “grown up”…really it’s capitalizing on what these locals know how to do best, and that’s knowing how to have a really fucking awesome day in a San Francisco park.  Bring a smile, a good appetite for things not just fried but also musical, a lot of money, your youthful spirit, some dancing shoes and probably a winter coat and you’ll be well on your way to having a wonderful weekend.  Below is a quick rundown of who’s playing,

FRIDAY – 8.10.122

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Neil Young) || Los Angeles (Crazy Horse)
Genre: Rock / Folk
Album You’ll Hear:: Americana (2012)
Tid-bit: Neil Youngs is 33 studio albums deep, has been touring for 6 decades and has written more songs in his lifetime than you have ideas in your head.

Foo Fighters

From: Seattle, Washington
Genre: Rock & Roll / Alternative
Album You’ll Hear:: Wasting Light (2011)
Cool Quote: “I get to [Dave Grohl’s] house and the first thing he says is, ‘I really wanna do this in my garage.’ So we went downstairs and set up a snare drum. I said, ‘Well, it sounds really loud and trashy, but I don’t see why we can’t do it.’ Then he said he wanted to record on tape with no computers. That threw me for a loop; I’ve made lots of records that way, just not for the last 10 years. But Dave really wanted it to be about the sound and the performance. They’d just played some shows at Wembley Stadium, and he told me, ‘We’ve gotten so huge, what’s left to do? We could go back to 606 and make a big, slick, super-tight record just like last one. Or we could try to capture the essence of the first couple of Foo Fighters records.'” – Butch Vig on “Wasting Light”


From: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Rock & Roll / Alternative / Indie
Album You’ll Hear:: Hopefully a “Greatest Hits”
Tib-Bit: He was born Beck Hansen to his mother Bibbe (who was one of those Warhol Superstars who were unique New York City figues publicized and “made famous in 15 minutes” by Andy Warhol) and his father David Campbell (who is a musical arranger and composer that has worked on 450 gold and platinum records).  Beck’s ability to uniquely blend folk, hip hop, latin groove, electronic, rock and indie albums has  left  millions of Beck fans over the years saying “I didn’t like this album as much as his last one”.


From: Paris, France
Genre: Electronic / French House
Album You’ll Hear:: Audio, Visual, Disco (2011)
Tib-Bit: Justice are two head banging, leather jacket wearing, funky metal playing, flithy cigarette smoking, party rocking, strobe light flashing,  giant cross blinking, piss drunk Frenchmen who will put on a live show that’ll either “blow your mind” or “freak you the fuck out”.

Andrew Bird

From: Chicago, Illinois
Genre: Indie / Folk / Baroque Pop
Album You’ll Hear: Break It Yourself (2012)
Fun Fact: Andrew Bird is the best whistler of all time.


From: Toronto, Ontario,  Canada
Genre: Electro-House / Punk Step
Album You’ll Hear: Remixes and probably their new stuff.
Tib-Bit: MSTRKRFT are two head banging,  beard and mustache sporting, funky punk playing, flithy cigarette smoking, party rocking, strobe light flashing,  giant speaker blasting, piss drunk Canadians who will put on a live show that’ll either “blow your mind” or “freak you the fuck out”.

Die Antwoord

From: Cape Town, South Africa
Genre: Rave-Rap / Zef
Album You’ll Hear: Ten$ion
Tib-BitDie Antwoord wants to make the soundtrack to “Zef” culture which is described by Yo-Landi Vi$$er as being “associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you’re poor but you’re fancy. You’re poor but you’re sexy, you’ve got style.”  Some people view their music as a hoax or a parody, but to Die Antwoord it’s more of an “exaggerated experience”.

Fitz & The Tantrums

From: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Soul Pop
Album You’ll Hear: Picking Up The Pieces (2010)
Tib-BitFitz & Company have been riding their debut album “Picking Up The Pieces” insanely hard for 2 years. Due to the fact that their songs are so user friendly, they’re ubiquitous to every festival bill.  Really, their music is a flawless choice for any festival – they’re kinda like Switzerland and non threatening to anyone.

Of Monsters & Men

From: Garour, Iceland
Genre: Indie Folk
Album You’ll Hear: My Head Is An Animal (2012)
Did You Know?Of Monsters & Men got their break by winning a Battle Of The Bands contest in Iceland.

The Walkmen

From: New York, New York
Genre: Rock / Indie
Album You’ll Hear: Heaven (2012)
Tib-Bit: The Walkmen are a accomplished indie rock band who combine powerful vocals, inspiring melodies, prolific lyrics and well crafted instrumentation to give them a sound that is exclusively theirs.

Washed Out

From: Perry, Georgia
Genre: Chill Wave / Dream Pop
Album You’ll Hear: Within & Without
Did You Know?: it was only after Washed Out (Earnest Greene) couldn’t find a job as a librarian after graduating from The University Of Georgia with a degree in Library and Information Science, that he began secluding himself in his bedroom and producing music.

Reggie Watts

From: Brooklyn, New York
Genre: Comedy / Hip Hop / Observational Soul
Album You’ll Hear: Coherence (2012)
Tib-Bit: Reggie is gonna jam out. Reggie is gonna sing to you.  Reggie will make you laugh. Reggie will dance.  Reggie will probably be wearing an ugly sweater. Reggie is dope. This springy haired beat boxing hip hopping comedian will undoubtably entertain you.

Two Gallants

From: San Francisco, California
Genre: Folk / Indie Rock
Album You’ll Hear: The Bloom In The Blight???
Tib-Bit: Two Gallants haven’t released a proper studio album since 2007 – and to be honest, I kinda forgot about them all together until I saw them on this line up.  But it looks like after Outside Lands, Two Gallants are hitting the road again and showcasing their unique stylings of blues, rock and folk that their die hard fans love them so much for.   Highly recommended!


From: Portland, Oregon
Genre: Electro Pop / Dance Punk
Album You’ll Hear: Shangri-La (2011)
Tib-Bit: Originally YACHT was an unusual one man electronic band created by Portland native Jona Bechtolt, but today YACHT is an unusual two man band, now accompanied by a deranged female vocalist.  The new mixture has grown into a quirky and eccentric synth pop sound that is as uncanny as it is fun.


From: Brooklyn, New York
Genre: Afro-beat / World
Album You’ll Hear: Antibalas (2012)
Stamp Of Approval: The 2 record labels they’ve put records out with are Ninja Tune and Dap Tone.

Sharon Van Etten

From: New Jersey
Genre: Indie Rock / Folk
Album You’ll Hear: Tramp (2012)
If You Like____: If you think a hybrid Cat Power/The National band would sound awesome, than you’ll like Sharon Van Etten.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

From: NOLA
Genre: New Orleans Jazz & Funk
Album You’ll Hear: Who Cares…
Tid-Bit: In their 35 years of existence, Dirty Dozen has shared the stage with everyone from The Black Crowes to Norah Jones.  They’ve been featured on albums from Modest Mouse, Elvis Castelo and Widespread Panic.  They’ve even played a Rolling Stones private party, by request of Keith Richards himself. Dudes is cool.


From: Oakland, California
Genre: Hip-Hop? Parody?
Album You’ll Hear: #STUPiDFACEDD
Unfortunately: I’m not 17 years old, otherwise I might really love this music.


From: Denver, Colorado
Genre: Indie / Dream Pop
Album You’ll Hear: Young & Old
Did You Know?: The now husband and wife duo who met while hovering over philosophy books in college, didn’t even form the band until a couple of years ago when they returned from a 7 month sailing expedition along the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard.

White Denim

From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Rock / Psych
Album You’ll Hear: “D”
Quote: “White Denim are like a jam band the refuses to be boring” – Rolling Stong

Jukebox The Ghost

From: Washington D.C.
Genre: Indie Rock / Pop
Album You’ll Hear: Safe Travels (2012)
Tib-Bit: Jukebox The Ghost are a hard working band who have been touring extensively for nearly a decade, working hard promoting their atypical pop sound.  Over the years they have mastered what predecessors like Ben Folds have, and that is how to create electrifying pop music by combining extraordinary amounts of skill and healthy dose of a lighthearted spirit.


From: Brooklyn, New York.
Genre: Experimental Pop
Album You’ll Hear: Mixed Emotions (2012)
If You Like_____: If You Like Organic Sundazed Tropical Pop Dance Music you’ll probably like Tanlines.


From: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Indie / Rock & Roll
Album You’ll Hear: A Good Woman Is Hard To Find (2012)
Unfortunately: There wont be a lot of people there to see this remarkably promising young band out of L.A. who merge campfire old rock & roll, catchy pop hooks and just enough sensitivity, to give you a very memorable listening experience.


From: Athens, Georgia
Genre: Americana / Country Rock
Album You’ll Hear: Seny-Stovall (2012)
Tid-Bit: The band has often shared the stage with Widespread PanicDrive-By TruckersDead Confederate,The WhigsBlitzen Trapper and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.