Coachella – Friday Rundown Pt II

Here’s the bottom half of Friday…this is where it gets more fun.

Other Lives


From: Manchester, England
Genre: Indie / Early 90’s College Rock
Noteworthy Album:  Laid (1993)
James formed in the early 80’s, but had most of their true success in the early 90’s.  They were huge through out England, especially amongst College Rock listeners.  But in 2001, the lead singer left band and there was no more James.  Then, in 2007, the band kissed and made up, recorded an album and went on a huge international tour.  While they definitely don’t have the same appeal, you got to give it to the guys, in their career’s they’ve sold over 25 million records.


From: Stockholm, Sweden
Genre: House / Progressive House
Noteworthy Mix: Nillionaire (Original Mix) (2011)
About: He’s another one of those Swedish House Mafia dudes…you know…same same, but different.


From: Boulogne, France
Genre: Electro-Funk / Ed Banger
Noteworthy Mix: Total (2011)
About: Alright, this dude is sick. This guy is building quite the fan base, rather quickly, over there in France.  His fans aren’t just young club goer either – none other than Daft Punk personally came out and said that his mix of “Human After All” was their favorite remixes of any of their works.  In 2011 he released his debut album Total which featured Mayer Hawthorne, M.I.A. and Gaspard Auge of Justice.  I bet you this kid throws one hell of a party…Check out his banger, “Love In Motion” featuring Mayer Hawthorne below. This is a MUST SEE of Coachella 2012.


From: British Colombia, Canada
Genre: Bro-Step / Electronica
Noteworthy Mix: Firepower (Original Mix)
About: Just some dude makin’ mixes, poppin bottles and gettin’ kids wild…


From: London, England
Genre: Rock / Indie
Noteworthy Album: Yuck (2011)
About: Yuck is a bunch of blokes who all met in London and were formerly in a band called Cajun Dance Party.  In that band, they had pretty good success…even played Glastonbury and other major festival in England. Once Yuck was created though, they immediately got signed to Fat Possum, and released a self titled album that gained good critical success in the US and the UK.  For fans of Sonic Youth, J. Masics and Pavement.

*Watch a whole concert here…skip to the 5 min mark to get to the music**

Neon Indian

From: Denton, Texas
Genre: Chillwave / Indie
Noteworthy Album: Era Extrana (2011)
About: Neon Indian is the genius of Alen Palomo who was originally born in Monterey Mexico, but was moved by his father to Texas when he was 5.  His Father was in a band and created music when Palomo was growing up, making it one of his major influences.  He’s even said he’s sampled his fathers music in his Neon Indian project.  Don’t worry though…Palomo is joined by a full live band on stage and his music will not only psyche you out but it will make you dance as well.  They’re a great festival band – their late night Bonnaroo set in 2010 is one for the books. This is a MUST SEE act.


From: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Rock & Roll / Folk
Noteworthy Album: Nothing Is Wrong (2011) ** My 2011 “Album Of The Year”
About: In my opinion, there isn’t a better relevant lyricist than Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes.  His combination of emotional imagery, sage like story telling, grasping wit and sophisticated metaphors make songs from their latest album Nothing Is Wrong feel like treasures chests that contain countless poetic avenues of exploration.  Dawes is my MUST SEE BAND OF COACHELLA 2012.

The Black Angels

From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Psychedelic / Rock
Noteworthy Album:  Phosphene Dream (2010)
About: They’re loud as all hell, they put on one of the best live shows around and the bands name derives from a Velvet Underground song…which is all you need to know.

Death Grips

From: Sacramento, California
Genre: Hip-Hop / Experimental
Noteworthy Album: Exmilirary (2011)
About: Death Grips are a very aggressive forward thinking Hip-Hop group that makes experimental dark music that is typically unheard of in the Hip-Hop community.  After the release of their free mixtape Exmilitary, the group gained a very large local following in a matter of weeks.


From: Manchester, England
Genre: Rock & Roll / Psych-Punk / Heavy Pop
Noteworthy Album:  Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (2011)
About: WU LYF built their careers on creating a mystery around them – they denied interviews, would tell interested agents wrong set times, refused picture taking etc…but it is this mystery that has made WU LYF such an intriguing band.  Pitchfork wrote an amazing review of their new album and in it they stated…

“WU LYF in the manner of Iceage or Odd Future as musicians that have made me genuinely excited about their potential impact on listeners, the same things that make them seem juvenile—the artistic and personal volatility, the semblance of a roving gang more than a band, the invitation to indulge in your most disturbing impulses and yet feel morally superior to an ill-defined majority—are the same things that feel totally galvanizing. And it’s easy to imagine Go Tell Fire to the Mountain giving disaffected listeners the promise of an entry to something beyond themselves in a way that James Blake or Bon Iver can’t.”


From: France
Genre: Disco Electronic / Electro Funk
Noteworthy Release: Breakbot LP
About: Breakbot has been signed to Ed Bangers records sense 2009. Where other Ed Banger artist delve into a little more of the “dark” side of Electro Funk, Breakbot’s music feels like a warm sunny disco day.  This is one of my MUST SEE electronic acts of Coachella.

Atari Teenage Riot

From: Berlin, Germany
Genre: Digital Hardcore
Noteworthy Album: Burn, Berlin, Burn! (1995)
About: The group was founded so they could respond to a Neo-Nazi subculture that was rising in Germany in the mid 90’s.  They wanted to mix Hardcore Punk music with German Techno which created a style they called “Digital Hardcore”. These guys are a very political band with themes of anti-fascism running through out their music.    After one of the band members died in 2001 of a drug overdose, the band parted ways, only to reunite in 2009 where they’ve spent the last couple of years playing all of Europe’s finest festivals.  Just like in the movies, it’s so easy to get behind anything where Nazi’s are bad guys!

Feed Me

From: Hetfordshite, England
Genre: Dub-Step / Electro House
Noteworthy Mix: Feed Me’s Big Adventure (Album Mix)
About:  Feed Me, who also records under the name Spor, recently got signed to Mau5trap Recordings.  He’s supported by other DJ’s such as Steve Aoiki, Skrillex and Deadmau5.  His remix of “Knights Of Cydonia” is a crowd favorite.  Check out this video below of a bunch of 15 year olds doing E for the first time at a Feed Me show in Boulder, Colorado.


From: Lafayette, Louisnana
Genre: Indie / Pop
Noteworthy Album: In Light (2011)
About:  GIVERS really made a name for themselves at 2011’s SXSW music festival in Austin Texas.  There they performed a number of shows that caught numerous peoples attention, including Time Magazine that rated them as one of the best acts of the whole festival.  These kids have a similar sound to Vampire Weekend in that they combine intelligent song writing, indie punk and danceable pop music to create a sound that will soon find it’s place in the hearts of more and more people.

Other Lives

From: Stillwater Oklahoma
Genre: Americana / Indie / Rock & Roll
Noteworthy Album: Tamer Animals (2011)
About: All you need to know is these guys have opened for Bon Iver and are currently opening for Radiohead.  This is one of the bands I’m most intrigued about…expect to get a wonderfully intimate show under a shaded tent during the midday heat.   And also expect to see these guys a lot higher on the bill in years to come.  This is a MUST SEE BAND.

Band Of Skulls

From: South Hampton, England
Genre: Blues Rock / Garage Rock
Noteworthy Album:  Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (2009)
About: The band is more or less a bunch of friends who got together and recorded an album in their father shed-recording studio.  They released their album solely on iTunes and success soon followed.  Their songs found their way onto numerous TV shows and Movies and their live show has been raved about internationally for the better part of the last 2 years.  In 2012, the band will release a new album and I’m sure they’ll premiere a lot of the material at Coachella.  For fans of Jack White & The Black Keys.


From: Breda, Netherlands
Genre: House / EDM
Noteworthy Mix: Without You (Remix)
About: In a short period of time the ambitious Fadil El Ghould A.K.A. R3hab, firmly established his name in the Dutch dance scene.  He has made very successful remixes of Chuckie, Chris Lake, Laidback Luke, Hi_Tack, Sharam, Rene Amesz and Gregor Salto, making him one of the highest demanded Dutch DJ’s around.  Expect a lot of Top 40 remixes…

Wolf Gang

From: London, England
Genre: Indie Rock / Symphonic Rock
Noteworthy Album: Suego Faults (2011)
About: Wolf Gang is a British alternative and symphonic rock band that was formed by Max McElligott who is the lead vocalist.  The band has toured with Florance & The Machine, Miike Snow and Metric.  They were invited to perform at the NME awards show with The Naked & The Famous and also performed with The Killers for their largest show of their careers.  Look out…kids are going wild for this band in the UK.

The Midnight Beasts

From: London, England
Genre: Comedy / Hip-Hop / Pop
Noteworthy Album: Booty Call EP
About: A Comedy Hip Hop group out of London who have built a HUGE following through social media outlets by posting music videos parodies of Ke$ha and Jay Sean.  Their fan base is 12 – 16 year old British kids.  Skip to the 5:30 mark to get to the goods….or the bads….however you want to look at it.


From: South Dakota, USA
Genre: Noise Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative
Noteworthy Album: Past Life Martyred Saints (2011)
About: It’s because of blogs that people like EMA have careers!  Originally from South Dakota, EMA moved to California to start her career…once she realized how dreadful it was, she moved back to South Dakota. But along the way she made the riviting and an under appreciated album Past Life Martyred Saints. For fans of Zola Jesus and Nirvana.

Ximena Sarinana

From: Guadalajara, Mexico
Genre: Jazz / Folk / Pop
Noteworthy Album: Mediocre (2009)
About: Sariñana’s musical career was launched in 2008 with the release of her first studio album Mediocre, an adult contemporary vocal jazz album that was critically acclaimed, earning her nominats for various awards, including two nominations in the Latin Grammy Awards of 2008. Her boy friend is Omar Rodriguez Lopez, who will also be performing with his band that will be reunited at Coachella, At The Drive In.  She’s also collaborated with Jason Marz for the hit song entilted “Lucky”.

Kendrick Lamar

From: Compton, California
Genre: Hip-Hop / West Coast
Noteworthy Album: Section.80 (2011) <— Must Own!!
About: With a ton of internet only releases, Lamar has amassed a large internet following.  He is a member of hip hop collective called Black Hippy – Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul are also apart of this rising crew. Lamar is regarded as Dre’s new “baby”, resulting in him working with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Wiz Khalifa, Game, and Drake among other popular artists.  Lamar made one of my favorite mixtapes of all time called Section.80 – it’s a must own for any Hip-Hop fan.

The Dear Hunter

From: Providence, Rhode Island
Genre: Progressive Rock / Experimental Rock
Noteworthy Album: The Color Spectrum (2011)
About: The Deer Hunter was orignally just a side project of Casey Crescenzo, but after his friends started circulating Deer Hunter’s music the band started to take off.  Their music is very concept driven – they are currently in the works of a 6 album project where each album is an Act (Act I, Act II, Act III etc) that is set in the 20th century and is about the birth, life, and abrupt death of a boy. The story is called “The Deer Hunter”. In 2011 – the band released The Color Spectrum  which consists of nine EPs, each corresponding to a certain color (specifically, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and White).  The Manchester Orchestra has helped out in these recordings…who are also playing Coachella.  This is a MUST SEE BAND of Coachella 2012. 


From: Venice, California
Genre: Folk / Country
Noteworthy Album: Billy Jack (2011)
About: The duo met at a Halloween party in Los Angeles and sense then they have created one of the most endearing folk sounds of our time.  Drawing on influences of Hank Williams & Woody Guthrie, these L.A. kids are following in the same footsteps of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.  Also, this is one of the few country tinged bands at Coachella this year… unfortunately.   This is a MUST SEE BAND of Coachella 2012.

Hello Seahorse!

From: Mexico City, Mexico
Genre: Synth Pop / Avant Pop
Noteworthy Album: Lejos. No Tan Lejos (2010)
About:  Hello Seahorse is a Mexican alternative pop band that formed in 2005 in Mexico City.  The band is mostly known for their hit single “Bestia”that was released in November 2008, a song that gained them tons of commercial success and a large fan base.   Hello Seahorse! has shared the stage with The Beastie Boys and The Killers.


From: Saskatoon, Canada
Genre: Rock / Classic Rock
Noteworthy Album: Five Easy Pieces EP (2011)
About: Remember..they were that band that won that Rolling Stone contest that put them on the cover and won them a trip to Bonnaroo.  They’re pretty awesome though…music you and your dad could rock out to on a long road trip. For fans of The Allman Brothers and Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Expect these guys to become BIG someday.  MUST SEE act for Coachella 2012.

L.A. Riots

From: Los Angeles, Califorina
Genre: Electronic / Remix
Noteworthy Mix: Crimewave (Remix)
About: These guys mix a lot of indie music, alternitive music and hipster music to create a unique dance experience.  For fans of MSTRKRFT and Bloody Beatroots.  Expect these guys to open up the Sahara Tent….